About Deep Clean Bangalore

Deep Clean Bangalore is a well organized facility company, and part of Infinite Xtensions and Services group of companies.

Our objective is to provide professional home cleaning and housekeeping service in Bangalore city. In addition, we do provide specialized and mechanized cleaning services in Bangalore.

About Infinite Xtensions and Services

Infinite Xtensions Infinite Xtensions and Service is a company with a concept to provide multiple services to the multiple sectors. Right now, services like facility, security, painting, catering and office automation services are active in various localities of India.

The objective of Infinite Xtensions is to expand its service list and geographical access, to provide quality services to the maximum number of individuals and corporate companies.

Social Responsibility

We do have aim to generate maximum numbers of job Opportunities to support the growth of our nation. We do provide consultancy service and branding solution to the startup companies, and help them to grow their business.

Brands Under Infinite Xtensions and Services LLP

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