Professional Housekeeping and Home Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Residential Deep Cleaning Service

The main objective of deep clean Bangalore, is to provide professional cleaning service to the residents of Bangalore. Thus, we have created a structure, in which we cover manpower charges, transportation charges, cleaning machine rental charges and cleaning consumable charges. It helps us to provide a professional home cleaning service in Bangalore.

Moreover, our aim is to provide you a convenient solution to entirely clean your house. At-least once in a year. This service will help you to maintain the hygiene at your residence.

Deep Home Cleaning Service includes,

  • Washroom (Toilet and Bathroom) cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Doors and window cleaning
  • Sliding track cleaning of doors and windows
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Bed Mattress cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning service.

Deep Clean Bangalore

Deep Home Cleaning Service

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Deep Cleaning Package Details

  1. Number of Janitors: 3 to 6 (Depends on the property type)
  2. Cleaning Chemicals: Included (Safe for domestic cleaning)
  3. Cleaning Consumables: Included (Brooms, dusters, scrubbers etc.)
  4. Cleaning Machines: Vacuum Cleaner (Extra Charges for Floor Scrubbing/Cleaning Machine, Jet Pressure)
  5. Transportation: Included.

Moreover, our cleaning professionals will carry all the equipments, chemicals and materials required to clean any residential property. In addition, transportation cost is also included in the home cleaning package. Thus, no extra-cost* is applicable on final bill generated by Deep Clean Bangalore.

Rates for House Cleaning Services

1BHK Flat Cleaning
UpTo 600 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
Rs. 4500
1BHK Empty Flat
2BHK Flat Cleaning
UpTo 900 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
Rs. 5500
2BHK Empty Flat
3BHK Flat Cleaning
UpTo 1300 Sq. Ft Carpet Area
Rs. 6500
3BHK Empty Flat

Corporate Office Cleaning Service

Our deep cleaning team is well equipped with advanced cleaning machines and consumables. Thus, we can clean any property type, including corporate offices, or commercial properties.

To simplify the office cleaning process, we provide janitors, experienced housekeeping supervisor, cleaning machinery and chemicals on shift basis (8Hrs/Shift).

Corporate Housekeeping Service

Deep Cleaning Bangalore is a part of Infinite Xtensions and Services group of companies. We have years of experience in corporate housekeeping service. We are providing corporate and Industrial housekeeping services in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and all the industrial areas of India. Thus, if you have a corporate office in Bangalore. In addition, you want to get professional housekeeping service in Bangalore, feel free to contact us.

Corporate Housekeeping includes, Janitor Charges + Management Fees @10% + Chemicals (Optional) + Machines Chemicals (Optional) + Housekeeping Consumables Chemicals (Optional).

Carpet Shampoo Services

Carpet Shampoo Service is a part of our service list. Thus, if you want to clean your office carpet, feel free to contact Deep Clean Bangalore. We do provide steam cleaning of carpet. To know the rates of Carpet cleaning in Bangalore, just dial our number.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Office Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Office Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Toilet or Washroom Cleaning Service

We do provide janitors to clean your toilet and bathroom from top bottom. Our team will carry the chemicals and materials required to clean your washroom. However, washroom cleaning is a part of home cleaning package. Thus, just book a slot for deep cleaning service in Bangalore, and get the professional cleaning team to sanitize your bathroom.

Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning Service in Bangalore

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Industrial Housekeeping Service in Bangalore

Corporate and Industrial Housekeeping Service in Bangalore

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Sanitization of kitchen area is the necessity, especially if you are running a commercial kitchen. If you are the owner of a restaurant, and want to get kitchen cleaning service in Bangalore, call us. Our representative will visit your site, and give you the estimate of the sanitization service.

However, for domestic premises like individual flats and row houses, kitchen cleaning is already included in the home cleaning package. Thus, once you hire our service for the domestic cleaning, our janitors will sanitize your kitchen from top to bottom.

Industrial Floor and Shed Cleaning Service

We do provide expert team with professional floor scrubbing machines for the industrial floor cleaning service. In addition, we do have mechanism to give high-rise shed cleaning service to the industrial units located near Bangalore. In addition, we do provide high-pressure water jet-machine to clean the exterior walls of the industries.

Thus, whatever is your need related to cleaning, we are capable to give you the right solution. Just give us a call, and get the solution.

Terms & Conditions

  • All clients need to ensure that they will keep their valuables in the vaults/ cub boards. All the small jewellery should be kept inside the lockers. They may go in scrap or garbage due to vacuuming. Infinite Xtensions does not take any responsibility of such complaints or missing items.
  • Clients also need to ensure that they have done the security check of all the people who have come for cleaning. No complaints about missing items will be entertained. Infinite Xtensions holds no responsibility for any missing thing or valuables from the house.
  • If any work is left or pending due to any circumstances, it will be taken up within 4-5 days depending on availability of the slot.
  • Once the client have booked the service with Infinite Xtensions, by default the above rules are applicable. It is understood that the client have read and agreed the terms and conditions and accordingly booked the deep cleaning service.